Today – L’Aura

che aspetto un’aura, ascolto L’Aura


(Le tende si muovono appena, ma credo che sia la Mitzi)


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  • anto

    :)))  ‘spetta che scirvo almeno un pezzettino del testo, visto che non l’ho messo nel post…

    Today get your cinnamon and pray for the beauty

    Of our land and for the secrets, for the moments

    That we use to share

    Leather, covers, broken glasses, playing music and the

    rain, airplanes, morbid phrases turning into dust…

    Spinning around, swimming, jumping

    in a world of sounds… you are always in my favourite dreams,

    lovely tender and proud

    you may be…

    Running around searching, looking for something

    to find while I’m still here waiting for you,

    do you see me at all my sweet sweet sweet love?


    Today there is nothing left to say

    Black and white photographs, dirty clothes, two guitars

    dirty clothes, two guitars…